Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

Since 1832, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) has preached the Gospel in word and deed and has ministered to and with persons on the margins of society.  Today ABHMS continues a vital legacy that is reflected in its core values:

  • We center ourselves in Christ.
  • We claim the Whole Gospel.
  • We build Community.
  • We celebrate Diversity.
  • We collaborate for Mission.
  • We commit ourselves to Exemplary Stewardship.

We live in a time when polarization and alienation are a commonplace occurrence. Often, persons/groups that hold a diverse perspective in our society are shunned and their voices muted. The America for Christ (AFC) Offering 2015 theme—“Discipleship: A Journey of Grace”—serves to remind our American Baptist family that mission and ministry are rooted in service that manifests and extends the grace of God.

Redemptive grace is focused most clearly in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We might refer to Jesus as Grace himself, as Grace in the flesh, as Grace walking around. The grace of Christ can inspire us in transformative ways to change our awareness of ourselves, of our potential as human beings, and our awareness of God’s gracious purpose for us, and through us, for all creation. It is this changed awareness that recognizes a still more specialized form of grace—a grace extended to those who serve God’s hope for all in Christ. This is the journey of grace available as spiritual power for the sake of others. Jesus exhibited this kind of power and challenged us to do the same.

Get involved and be part of the “Journey of Grace” that reflects God’s redemptive story and continues to transform lives and communities. Thank you for your generous gifts to the AFC Offering 2015.

Aidsand1(08)A Sojourner of Grace,
Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III
Executive Director
American Baptist Home Mission Societies